Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good Stuff Comes in Threes

ONE: Both of my six sentence microflashes selected for 6SV2. This is the second print anthology of Rob McEvily's brainchild SIX SENTENCES. I am honored to see my work flanked by the words of my fellow Sixers - a bunch of exuberant, fabulous writers in love with the word. And the 6S website made CollegeOnline's Top 100 Creative Writing Blogs. What can you write in six sentences?

TWO: A miracle - my father had his post radiation/chemo check-up - NO MORE CANCER! The key lime-sized, stage 4 tumor lodged in his left paranasal sinus has disappeared, thanks to 7 weeks of methotrexate and radiation and the fabulous care of the docs and nurses at the UNC Lineberger Cancer Center AND all the prayers and rituals and good thoughts whispered his way. Thank you. Thank you God.

THREE: Did I mention the miracle?

THE READING... In the midst of Jane Hamilton's A MAP OF THE WORLD. Gorgeous stuff. Heart-rending. Also MY LOBOTOMY and Nancy Kress' CHARACTERS, EMOTION, AND VIEWPOINT.

Look for my second book review around Valentine's Day... a story 'all about' love.

THE WRITING... Plowing through PURE, lots of headway made with characters Ben, Kevin, and Liam. Made the POV decisions, and as I rewrote the first 20 pages, the words streamed into place, the voice returned. BRIGHTER THAN BRIGHT is out to 3 trusted beta-readers. Four microfictions and two poems drafted out this week.

LISTENING TO... Snow Patrol's latest IF THERE'S A ROCKET TIE ME TO IT. Super-duper.

Peace, Linda


  1. Linda, congrats! I saw your name on the dramatic 6SV2 author reveal. Gotta love Rob. That guy is one cool dude and a friend to writers everywhere.


  2. Linda,

    Congrats on the Six Sentences. That's a neat honor. And your father's news is a true blessing.

  3. Terrific UpBeat Post! Love, love, love good news.
    Yea for remissions, God bless 'em all.

    You little 6Ser you- get it Success-it sounds that way in my head, just throw a bit of Texas accent in thar and thar ya go.

  4. Great news about your Dad and congrats on the Six Sentences. Take care Gillian

  5. Kudos and congrats on all three, Linda.
    So glad to hear the good news about your father.
    And your Six Sentence success is fabulous. Keep 'em coming.

  6. Thanks all. Yeah, still happy dancing about Daddy-O's great news. Now, 5 more years of waiting and hoping the nasty C stays away. Thank you for the well-wishes these past months...

    Paige, 6S = Success. Never realized they sounded so much alike. You're such a fabulous optimist - thank you!

    And howdy Tiger!

    Peace, Linda