Thursday, February 19, 2009

Four Young Editors, ZYPREXA, and Medpedia - Rock On!

Including RICHARD NASH, of SOFT SKULL PRESS, featured in the current issue of P&W. SOFT SKULL, btw, is the publisher of Jonathan Evison's ALL ABOUT LULU, my February Indy pick. In case you forgot...

The health/medical equivalent of Wickipedia is birthed - MEDPEDIA. I'm a certified editor. Which means I get to write and edit cool stuff YOU can use in your world. Heh.

Fabulous, fabulous piece in last week's ROLLING STONE - BITTER PILL. The story behind the marketing makeover of olanzapine (ZYPREXA) into a $16 Billion Booya. Really, do the nation's schizophrenics need that much ZYPREXA? Thank you, Ben Wallace-Wells, for a fabu piece of journalism.

That's it. folks. HAPPY FRIDAY! Peace, Linda

NB: IN MEMORIAM... CHRISTOPHER NOLAN. His UNDER THE BANYAN TREE... exquisite. His life: remarkable and inspiring. He wrote against odds I cannot even begin to fathom...


  1. P&W has been doing some really good posts. The four editors is great. Same folks that brought us the four agents, if I remember correctly. Both pretty long, but well worth the read.

    Good luck on the Medpeia thing. Sounds like a lot of work, but that you are excited to be doing it. It's great when someone really loves their work.

  2. Linda, I bow to your expertise. Do you have any idea how much work Medpedia will entail?


  3. Hey all, MEDPEDIA will be as much work as I want it to be. I focus on medications, geriatrics, mental health, and substance abuse, and will mostly edit other's work and maybe pen a few entries myself.

    Nothing inflames me more than reading fiction/memoir/non-fic that has WRONG medical and health info. Hence my involvement in the MEDPEDIA project.