Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Metaphors and More

First, the more: Courtesy of AUTHOR ONLINE, five fabulous interviews of authors, including Wally Lamb (THE HOUR I FIRST BELIEVED), Jonathan Evison (ALL ABOUT LULU), and Stephanie Kallos (SING THEM HOME).

Lamb's advice to writers might surprise you: don't preconceive your audience, just write the story you were meant to write.

And the metaphor: a quirky little site involving literary metaphors about the mind. A fascinating stroll through centuries of creative conceptions of thought...

This morning, the smattering of a poem, longing...

Night. Cold as ash, cold as ocean deep, come
collect me: cells, bone, teeth.

Peace, Linda


  1. Thanks Cindy. It's just the first 2 lines. Poetry is my secret passion...