Sunday, January 20, 2013


No, not the way I feel, but my newest obsession. I know, you watched LOST live when it premiered eight years ago, and I remember catching parts of a few episodes, but it never quite stuck. Maybe it was the late (for me) time slot, maybe it was that then, as now, I hate shows interrupted by commercials. Maybe it was we had a crappy 19 inch Sony.

But this past summer at a yard-sale I found the entire first season DVD set, still wrapped in shiny cellophane. For a buck. So every night as a family, we watch it, never able to stop at just one episode, inhaling at least two every night.

I have pondered why I am drawn to the show. The plot twists and turns, filled with survivor-type action, as well as mysticism: monsters, the Others, the way compasses don't really point north. Fascinating characters, presented in a perfect blend of present-time action and flashbacks. These folks are FLAWED, and endearing because of their flaws. And eye candy galore, both scenery (shot in Hawaii) and, ahem, the actors themselves.

As a writer, these are all characteristics to emulate.

Last night, Boone Carlyle died. He is, er was, my favorite character. A callow, privileged youth, hobbled by his infatuation with his step-sister. I like him, he reminds me of Ben, one of my own callow young male characters. My daughter and I wept, at the loss of our favorite character, at the sacrifice the island demanded of him, of Locke's duplicity, at the unfairness of it all. Tonight, perhaps we will discover why the window  to the hatch found deep in the jungle began to glow, whether the Others will come out and play, find why those blasted numbers--4 8 15 16 23 48--are part of the hatch's structure, and what they mean.

Thank God huluplus has the remaining seasons!



  1. I never did watch it except for the odd episode or two, but my wife was a regular, so I know all about it. No spoilers from me. Enjoy.

  2. My favorite show EVER, so glad to see you're enjoying it! I never could stop at just one episode, and watched the whole thing once with my boyfriend and then again from start to finish with my mom.
    Now that you've mentioned it, I think this is what I loved about it. It was so well thought out with references from the first episodes sewn into the very last (without spoilers, but had to say it) that it resembles more a great book than a TV series.

    And you know something? I actually thought about it this way, too:

  3. One of my all-time favorite shows as well. It has its weak points, but upon rewatching it last year I was surprised at how much stronger the last two seasons wear than I'd remembered. The first season that you're enjoying now I'll hold up as some of the best television drama ever, and it has some of the finest characters. Locke and Hurley are my boys.