Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Happy Dancing x 3

Three reasons why I'm jittering for joy. In order of importance:

ONE: My friend Michelle came through her surgery for cancer in stupendous shape. She believes in power of prayer, and so do I. So if you have a spare prayer, please send it her way. Think: good lymph nodes.

TWO: I found this nifty pencil holder at a weekend yard-sale. The drawings all around the cube remind me of my character Jeremiah and his South Dakota farm. It makes me smile, well worth the 50 cent investment.

THREE: And now I can purchase 100 pencil holders! A nice check for a 4-line poem. Look for Greetings From Motel 6 in the 2013 POET'S MARKET, coming soon to a bookstore near you!

Hope you have reason to dance. Peace...


  1. What wonderful news on all counts. Wobbly dances on your behalf from here too.
    I do not pray, but I am certainly sending big and positive wishes your friends way.
    The pencil holder is a delight, and the cheque a tiny recognition of very big talent.

    1. WOOT! Fifty smackers for four lines? That's $12.50 for each line! Why, you're practically a zillionaire!!!! heheheh Congrats! And I love the pencil holder!