Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Seven Things in Seven Days

In the last seven days, in order of importance...

1) My son turned 13 (tied with #2)

2) My daughter turned 10 (tied with #1).

3) My short story The Abridged Biography of an American Sniper placed in the Press53 Open Writing Awards--Flash Fiction.

4) My Writing Program axed its poetry concentration AND did not award me a scholarship. I am not down on my writing program these days.

5) My town lost water and over 5 million folks in the Baltimore/DC region lost power when a line of thunderstorms surged through late Friday night.

6) My short story The Way It Is in the current issue of Scissors and Spackle (thank you editor Joani Reese).

7) I submitted one short story and three poems to a contest.

And you? Peace...


  1. In response to yours:

    1 and 2: I hope they both enjoyed their days.

    3: Congrats. That is awesome. (yes...I am dating myself by using that term. I am not sure what the kids would say they say in English these days. In Germany the kids are saying Geil! which, ironically, had a totally different meaning in former years)

    4: WTH! Sorry to hear that.

    5: There is crazy weather all over the world lately. Here's hoping all the storms, fires, and heat waves end.

    6: I read that story and enjoyed it very much.

    7: Good luck.

  2. OK, here are mine (not in order of importance but in order of day)

    1. One of my poems was posted on Bolts of Silk.

    2. I sent my bio to the editor of Jellyfish Whispers. My piece will be posted in July.

    3. I changed my Facebook cover photo.

    4. I watched the EM. Though Germany had a good soccer team this year, they didn't play their best and Italy clobbered them.

    5. Found out my blog post will be used in the next Language/Place blog carnival (theme: translation). Did you take part this time, Linda?

    6. My fibonacci poem was posted at The Fib Review.

    7. I got an acceptance from the literary journal 4and20.

    It has been a good week for me.

  3. 1 & 2: One's a teenager and the other is in "double-digits." Such changes. A little overwhelming, isn't it? On the other hand, BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!!!!

    3. Congrats!!! You are a big jar of awesome sauce, you are.

    4. Pfffft..... you know what, though? You're a natural writer... you will be successful without them. I swear.

    5. I hope you drank lots of soda pop and snuggled with your hubby in the (wink-wink) blackout.

    6. Again with the awesome writing stuff...

    7. GOOD LUCK!!!! Kick butt! Go Linda, go!


    1. My mom turned 75.

    2. My mom ate too much Mexican dip and birthday cake and spent the night barfing.

    3. We spent three glorious days camping.

    4. I'm very stressed at work and, in fact, walked out in a fit last Wednesday and have worried ever since about my job.

    5. Am going to a work meeting today but my hubby is coming with me for moral support so they can't railroad me too much.

    6. Oldest son dyed his hair blue again. His girlfriend did it for him, without gloves, and now has very blue hands. On Canada Day I gave him a red t-shirt. With his blue hair, his red shirt and white skin he looked a lot like those rocket popsicles.

    7. Am going to a novel marathon in two weeks, in which I plan on putting my book to bed, once and for all.

    other than that, meh....

  4. Linda H, wow, what a great week for you! I will look for you in the Language/Blog Carnival--did not participate because we lost internet and did not get to it in time.

    Yay for 4and20, and I adore fibonacci poems so will look for you. Love your pic here--same as fb?

    Thank you for your kind words at S and S--finally got in to look this morning. I think I'll be catching up for the rest of the month. Peace...

  5. Oh Cathy, what a topsy-turvy week. First, congrats to your mom for making it to 75... but so sorry about the over-enthusiastic eating ;^(

    And really lousy about work. Please keep me posted. I will send you all the good vibes I can muster.

    As to the hair... send him our way. He sounds very patriotic, we can use all the hip-hip-hooray we can around here!

    And your novel marathon is on my to-do list. Still catching up from lack of internet for three days.

    Cheerio, my friend. Peace...

  6. Hope the two aging younglings are enjoying their newfound numbers.


    1. Hit the 50,000-word mark on one novel, then had to shelve it to...

    2. Write the final draft of the previous novel for ChiCon workshop submissions.

    3. Organize a campaign to find my dying cousin a liver transplant.

    4. Helped build a lattice

    5. Set up my grandmother's 95th birthday party

    6. Had "On the Deathbed of Carl Rudolph" published by Metro Fiction

    7. Started working on an anthology that might go to Pyr

    I'm left quite sleepy.

  7. John, I bet you are. Sleepy, that is. Your week exhausts me! A huge congrats on 1-2, 4-7, and best of luck (and hugs) on #3. Peace...

  8. 1. Happy Birthday and welcome to the teen years!
    2. Wow! Into the two digits! Happy Birthay!
    5. Such a difficult situation, I hope it resolves soon.
    6.Yahoo! Good job!
    7.I am sure you will do well and that they are wonderful.

  9. Happy birthday to your kiddies! And congrats on the writing! I hope the poetry decision gets reversed ASAP.


    I got my business cards for my writing. I'm really happy w/how they turned out, all the writing is clear, the QR code works and the color kinda matches my blog and twitter!

    Saw a presentation by a totally blind computational organic chemist who runs a chemistry camp for blind kids (totally want to meet that guy).

    Went to this amazing weeklong convention of the National Federation of the Blind. Speakers from around the world, including two from the Obama administration. So many successful blind people--lawyers, writers, scientists, engineers, teachers, entrepreneurs, construction workers--all professional and successful and empowered to educate the public. Then got in shuttle from hotel to airport and a woman from another hotel starts asking, "How do you dress yourself? Who buys your clothes for you?" and talking to us in a really loud third-grade-teacher voice. Ugh.

    Went to Texas for the first time ever.

    Ran through sprinklers on July 4th evening.

    Ate at Denny's (seems like I haven't done that since first time I was in college but I'm sure I have) a few too many times.

    Got to be part of the amazing 2012 scholarship class at the NFB convention...and won the top award!!! Still in shock over that one.

  10. Thank you Umbrellalady--I will drop by your digs soon (on quasi-vacation with sketchy internet)--miss you and your amazing summer things (gardens, jams, juices, etc).

    Emilia, I am always thrilled when you return from your NFB conferences all jazzed up. Seeing the transition in your self-confidence over the past 4? 5? 6? (how many years have we known each other?) is wondermous. Most of all, I am glad you are writing. Therein lies one of your greatest gifts. Peace...