Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Music Ends (The Runaway--V)

THAT NIGHT, AT DINNER, JOSH’S PARENTS confirmed the friendship between the two families was over. His mom’s eyes looked puffy, as if she had cried all afternoon. His father spoke in short, clipped sentences. After dinner, he disappeared into his study and shut the door. Josh’s mom went into the garage to paint. Ravel filtered through the door. After Josh finished his homework at the kitchen table, he sat there for a long time, and when neither parent emerged from behind their closed doors, he went upstairs and changed into pajamas. He lay on his bed and looked at the ceiling and worried his father would lose his job, worried they would have to move, this would be the last April he ever spent in his small room staring at the swirls of plaster on his ceiling. He tried not to think too much about what might have been. At midnight, Josh rested his guitar in its case, moved the case into the closet, and closed the door.

This week's installment of THE RUNAWAY; you can read last week's scene HERE. Peace...


  1. Amazing! So short and yet packed with emotion. I could feel the fear, the uncertainty about what's to come, the wonder about what might've been.

  2. Excellent if heart-damaging microficton, Linda. Excellent sense of rhythm, too, with all the uses of short clauses.

  3. I've got to hurry and get to the next installment....this is an amazing story Linda!