Sunday, January 01, 2012

A New Page

That is how the first day of a new year feels to me: a blank page, full of possibility and opportunity.

I am honored to have my short story BREATHE, excerpted from The Minister's Wife, a novel-in-progress, featured at Metro Fiction. Thanks so much to P.J. Kaiser for the opportunity to share this story. It draws from personal experience, one that resonates with many women.

Today marks the beginning of A River of Stones. A month of close observations, of discovering the essence of being. Each observation written, a single small stone which joins the river. My first stone here and HERE, my other blog==> thebluetruedream...

The day breaks shiny and new. Hoar frost glistens, yielding to the sun’s light. Trees throw bare branches into crystalline blue as if to net a bird. Inside, all sleep but me, the quiet broken only by the refrigerator’s hum, the meowing of the cat waiting to come in.

May 2012 being you health, happiness, and peace...

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  1. Nice stone and photo. (Glad I am not the only one with the humming refrigerator.)

    Happy New Year!