Saturday, January 07, 2012

Bliss Time is Over

Well, if you consider holidays blissful. I don't, but I do find them largely fun. I happen to love shopping for gifts, more than shopping for myself. The challenge of finding a little something that's just right for the person you are shopping for. Of course, other than book, grocery, art, and wine stores (nearly all local and independently owned), I rarely venture into other shopping venues (indeed, I take pride in NOT purchasing items from mall stores).

But I digress.

Holidays are busy, hectic, spiked with over-eating and over-drinking and under-sleeping. Fun indeed. By January 2, I am tired of the indulgences and noise, and like every other soul in the world, resolve to better myself.

I started off the new year by taking off the first week of January. A few days to myself while the children returned to school. I had things to do: clean out my closet, organize bills, put away the Christmas decorations, reread and analyze OLIVE KITTERIDGE, and of course, write.

In all, a very pleasant week. BUT I DID NOT ACCOMPLISH A DAMN THING. At least none on my list. The closet overflows, although I did clean out the cabinets under the kitchen island to make room for the beautiful Dutch oven my husband gave me. My bills remain stacked in a messy pile on the counter. Reading-wise, I finished the first five chapters of OLIVE KITTERIDGE and didn't read much of anything else. Writing-wise, I joined up with A RIVER OF STONES, and you can read my daily small stones at my gratitude blog THEBLUETRUEDREAM. I also spent a ridiculous amount of time on a 1500-word story for a collaborative novel organized by PURE SLUSH energizer-bunny editor Matt Potter. But mostly I spent my time re-reading CLOSER TO NORMAL, contemplating whether to ditch Phoebe's voice and let Ben tell his stor solo. I have not figured that one out yet. And I have no idea of what else new to write other than to continue with my linked stories in THE MINISTER'S WIFE.

With two weeks, including four entire days of no responsibilities, I should have accomplished more. Next Monday marks my return to work, and though I dread the return of busy-ness, I also welcome the structure. For I find I get more done when I have less time, an irony which amuses me.

I hope your re-entry into the hustle and bustle of daily life occurred without too much agony.

Now, I have some meatballs to make and cookies to bake, for I am hosting a smorgasbord next weekend. Charge!



  1. Sounds like you accomplished qite a lot. You're practically superwoman. The holidays are not at all blissful (although they are great fun) but it's the crazy mess afterwards that makes my head spin.

    Good luck with your busy week.

  2. I'm sure you'll knock items off your list shortly, Linda. The holidays get in the way of most sorts of progress, but there's nothing wrong with focusing on family and festivities for a little while.

    Meatballs sound really good right now.

  3. I'm interested in your take-home on Olive Kitteridge. I loved that book--it kicked off a whole jaunt of reading linked story collections (uh, I'm still on that jaunt about 3 years later). Anyway. Looking forward, if you can share.

  4. Moonrat, I'll be posting someday soon about Olive Kitteridge. I'm also doing the linked stories reading (Goon Squad, Let the Great World Spin, etc), and still in thrall. I will def share, but only if you give me your low-down when I do ;^)