Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holy Guacomole

Today someone told me Christmas is in six days.

Six days!

I should've figured it out from all the smarmy music piping from the ceiling while I shopped my local GIANT, all the pointsettias set up on risers, the ring-ring-ringing by the faux Santa outside the entrance. All the lights strung along trees and windows and the outlines of houses, all the Macy-parade-sized Santa and Frosty balloons poofing up at dusk.

Checking my list, and all I see are the 'to-dos': seven 20-page policy papers to read and grade; one student's dissertation to shepherd through defense; one visit to the Food and Drug Administration; six work meetings; two conference calls; and a partridge and a pear tree. And that's just work, and all to be finished by close-of-business Tuesday.

On the home front, well... let's just say cookies galore. And packing galore. And wrapping galore. I think/hope/pray the shopping is finito. But truth be told, I kind of like the end of the year hecticity, it feels so awful while it happens but ooohhhhhhhh soooooooo good when it ends. And there are the little gifts of respite--the nibbling of cookies, cards from far-flung friends, the arrival of mystery boxes delivered by Mr. UPS, a surprise from my husband ==>

I'm not writing a lick, hopes of sending stuff out for end-of-the-year deadlines kind of disappeared like the errant snowflakes spitting on my windshield this morning. But that's okay.

Still, anyone else out there kind of wishing the days would slow down long enough to catch up?

Peace... and don't forget to breathe...


  1. Oh, what beautiful roses! What a lovely, lovely husband you have.
    Yes, I wish time would slow down. Yes, there's not enough time in the day.
    The one thing I am feeling good about is not baking cookies this year. I'm on a diet (news flash!!!) and I know if I bake them, I'll eat them. I decided the boys could survive without them for one year. At first I felt torn about the decision. Now, hearing about you and others busily baking, I feel good. So much work I have let go of, all in the name of calories.

    See? I'm still trying to convince myself 'no cookies' is a good thing.

    (Yeah, right.)

    Get 'er done, Linda!!!!!

  2. I don't know how you're going to get this all done, Linda; I had a nervous breakdown just READING your to-do list.

    Best wishes with it.

    More importantly, MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours :)

  3. Well. It did ALL get done though I am a bit exhausted. I rolled home @ 9 pm Tuesday evening, got the kiddles to bed, and slept like the dead. Wednesday I did not do much of anything. Thursday back to 'normal': yoga, a walk, a nice lunch with the hubbers, all presents wrapped, a haircut, and a visit with a friend. Now, in NC with mom and ready to sleep.

    Thank you both for popping by and please, have a SUPER Christmas!

    (And good for you Cathy for not baking. I love cookies more than any other food save coffee and wine, so I DID bake, and it was good. I shall eat your share ;^) )


  4. I think he is trying to tell you to slow down and smell the roses! Kidding aside, they are lovely.