Thursday, December 01, 2011

Giving a Hoot

Nice things do come in small packages. HOOT, a new print and on-line literary venture, loves all writing--as long as it flies under 150 words. transplant, my small single-sentence story, up in the December Issue.

Thanks to editors Amanda Vacharat and Dorian Geisler for featuring my words. Peace...


  1. I like the breathless structure of this, that there is so much and so many sensations loaded into it, bot the complexity of what the eye is taking in with all the sights of a hospital room, but also the complexity & interconnectedness of the body, which in this case is falling aprt and disconnecting.

    All in just 150 words or so. Impressive

    Marc Nash

  2. A lovely, almost stream of consciousness, but so well crafted and breathtaking.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  3. Good, interesting, thought-inducing writing, Linda! Congrats on yet another publication.

  4. I chuckled for the "my system" interlude into the run-on. Fun exercise, Linda, and congratulations on finding it a home.

  5. Congrats, MIzz Linda. You know, we always give a hoot about your gorgeous words.

  6. Congrats. Ilove the last few words, and how they hang there.