Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Future Is Here...

and it's name is AMAZON.

Who needs a bookstore? an agent? and now, a publisher? No need for these middle-men -- Amazon has it all wrapped up, or so says the or so says the New York Times.

Fascinating new twist on the "market" called publishing. What do you think -- crisis or opportunity?



  1. Opportunity, without a doubt.
    When I think about all the tremendous authors whose manuscripts were rejected, I know my work has no chance whatsoever being published in a traditional way. The fact that I can do it myself, without having to run a gauntlet of publishing judges, inspires me to write. Traditional publishers are going to have to work harder, be more open-minded, if they hope to stem the tide that is rising against them.
    I dunno... I'm excited about it.

  2. What Cathy said. Also, I htink writers are tired of getting such a small return on their published works. There's no denying that the publishing world is being tossed on its head.

  3. I'm still not sure what to think of this situation, although I'm starting to warm up more and more to the idea of self publishing. What Laurita said is certainly true. If writers can throw their self published books onto the Amazon site where anyone can find them as easily as finding a best selling author's book, then it's hard not to see this as a positive. There will still remain the problem of how to market one's book though.

  4. With apologies to Dylan, "..the times they are a changing.."

  5. Is there a difference between crisis and opportunity?

  6. Nope, no difference between crisis and opportunity at all -- 'tis my mantra.

    I think the amazon move opens up the market for writers -- but may continue to close it for others in the biz (agents, small pubs, large pubs possibly), even though many of those others also are getting into the pub biz (some agencies are). At any rate, I do worry at times of Amazon's deep vertical reach, and breadth. Sounds like a monopoly is brewing. Peace...