Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Deeksha is the Oneness Blessing. This gift derives out of the yogic tradition. Individuals who have reached a level of inner peace are trained to give deeksha to all who desire blessing. Givers of deeksha convey infinite love for ourselves, for others, for our world. In turn, those who receive return it to others. Deeksha is a spiritual path, but it is thought that as a yawn is contagious, so is deeksha.

This morning my friend Joe, a man of grace and dignity, a yoga instructor who gives the Oneness Blessing twice a month, will have his kidney and other tissue removed. Doctors found a 9 centimeter mass, as well as splotches in his lymph and possibly lungs. His wife is a wonderful caring wife and mother; their teennage daughter is a singer and actor bound for Broadway.

Today please set aside a minute and keep Joe and his family in your thoughts. Then perhaps another minute blessing someone else who faces fear and an uncertain future. Let's bless one another this day. Let's contaminate the world with love.

Thank you, and peace...


  1. I am sending all the positive thoughts I can to your friend Joe and his family. Hugs all around.

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  3. Thank you all. After 16 hours of surgery, a talented team at Hopkins removed as much cancerous tissue as they could find. Continued thoughts are appreciated as Joe heals. Peace...