Thursday, February 10, 2011


Drape me with silk

lustrous as the line of my thigh,

feed me oysters

champagne lapped, finger napped,

cream whipped

to fill my hollows.

Make cartography with your mouth,

move mountains with your fingers,

tongue highways down my belly

moan your prayers

hush in my ear you are done

with her,

hope these offerings will

unfurl my heart.


Inspired by the 52-250 Flash a Year Challenge theme: passwords.

Not really sure where this came from, other than I had two ideas in response to this theme and two writing deadlines fast-approaching (the other piece, a story about hobos, is still in flux). I guess I was pondering how no one can really ever own another, but how we go through life trying to unlock each other's secrets. The image of a lotus flower came to me, slowly opening. Funny, but I found this little factoid AFTER writing the poem: In Asian cultures the lotus flower signifies the values of sexual purity and non-attachment.

Peace, Linda


  1. Beautiful and sexy. I love the opening lines.

  2. This is so sensuous and lush! I love how tactile your words are.

  3. Lush and sharp, with that barb at the end - beautiful work, Linda.

  4. 'cream whipped' : makes me go all wobbly!
    Very strong writing.

  5. Whew! Linda, this is hot, hot, hot! Very sensuous and just right for the season.

    I'm going to need to study your poetry if I decide to dabble in it myself. :)

  6. Linda, I didn't think you were that kind of gal!
    Lotus flower, indeed - since when has a lotus flower left a trail towards your belly button!!!!
    (Excuse me, oh Sex Goddess, I need a cold shower now!)

  7. In my earlier diatribe I neglected to say how much I love your writing... this one is a visual 9 and a half Weeks.

  8. That little factoid is fascinating. I love to wonder how this sort of serendipity happens. Wish I had answers. But I'd like to think it's not some kind of ESP-like magic. Maybe it's because your eyes are really open and you saw those properties in the flower, naturally, the same ones that people saw who knows how many generations ago?

  9. The cartography of the mouth was my favorite line. Sensuous and sweet, Linda.

  10. The language of this piece is so rich in passion, Linda. Well done.

  11. Rich, passionate, evocative, sexy and the last line is a stunner.

  12. Thanks all for reading LOTUS. Was feeling a little naughty ;^) Peace...