Monday, January 31, 2011


More ice and snow and other coldish stuff heading here tomorrow. I'm getting tired of the stuff. And much as I love my kiddos, it sure would be nice to have them at school more than a day a week.

LOVE is in the air. Right next to those heart-shaped pink boxes edged with lace and filled with chocolates. And to celebrate, friend and fantabulous writer Jodi MacArthur is hosting a Viva la Love Pen contest -- what does LOVE mean to You? Write your own elevator love pitch and win... a LOVE Pen! But hurry, just 3 more days.

Fascinating post by writer Amber Sparks on productivity, publishing, and all the associated angst in our twitterfied world. Provocative stuff, and will make you ask yourself: plug in, or plug out?

Remember John Boy? From The Waltons? From like the 1970s? So we're watching season 5 and a fancy-schmancy family from New York moves to Walton's Mountain (daddy was a stockbroker and then the market crashed). The college-aged daughter knows Max Perkins and wants to share John Boy's work, but when she reads his story, it lacks a compelling hook, the story needs to 'be tougher'. Which of course promulgates angst and chest-pounding about writing for art versus writing for the market. Some things never change...

Stay warm, stay safe. I'm heading to DC later this week, work and the AWP meeting. Hope to see some of you there. Peace...


  1. Of course I remember the Waltons! Loved the Waltons. Wanted to be John Boy when I grew up!
    Safe travelling!

  2. There's an episode later on when John Boy is thrilled to get his book published, only to discover that he's been scammed by a vanity press.

    Plus ca change...

  3. this show made me fall in love with the name Erin & thus my daughter was born...

    be safe in your travels and have a learning good time