Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Saving The Rainforest and Other Good Things You Can Do Now!

Tired of all the lousy news and the lousier weather? Got the post-party holiday blues? Already bombed your resolutions?

Three ideas to bust your blahs.

Save The Rainforest. You may not be able to turn around the economy, but you can help save an important ecosystem -- the Amazon rainforest. A new blog -- RECLAIMING THE RAINFOREST -- shows how making a few small changes in your lifestyle can make a difference. The blog's creator is a kid who cares -- my son, age 11. So check out his first blog, follow the links, and get edified on the rainforest.

Get Moving. Bet you didn't know sitting too much can kill you. Whether you are fit -- or not -- sitting too much increases your risk for life-threatening conditions, including heart attacks and diabetes. The good news? Getting up every hour and walking for 5 minutes reverses all the bad chemically stuff in your body. So Writers, Readers -- get up and shake your booty!

Write that Novel and Get It Published. Yep, think I'll crank out a novel tomorrow, in between breakfast and my golf game -- How about you? Writing the novel is a slow-going endeavor, but when it's done (really done), time to get an agent. JM Tohline, soon-to-be-pubbed author, went right to the source to find the biggest mistakes writers make when querying agents -- the agent. One hundred of them, in fact. Almost a dissertation, this blog post may be the most valuable piece you'll read all year if you're shopping your stories.

Win A Contest. After you've polished your novel to the point where it shines, enter this contest sponsored by Chuck Sambuchino, editor at WRITERS DIGEST and host of the blog Guide to Literary Agents. But this 'Dear Lucky Agent' contest is only for literary types -- no genre allowed! Send your logline and the first 150-200 words by January 23, midnight EST. Go HERE for details.

Breadcrumbs and geniuses up later this week. Peace, Linda


  1. And aren't you full of beans!!!!
    Nice advice - now, I'm off to check out your son's website. GOOD FOR HIM!

  2. This was a nice, inspiring post. I'm going to check out those links, and I think I'll stand while I'm doing it.

  3. Linda, I know you must be glowing proud of your son for being such a selfless person who wants to help however he can. I'll definitely check out his site.

    You're so right about the sitting thing - if I don't get up and move every half hour I feel like crap, (so imagine how crappy I feel having been in bed most of the week w/ a fibro flare). If only there wasn't so much cold and snow outside! But still, I could get up...

  4. I love this post, Linda! And I'm heading over to your son's blog right now to join up.