Monday, March 08, 2010

Fear of Love

There is, I think, a fear of love.
There is a fear of love.

I write in my mountain monastary, and read.

If this is the last book I ever read, I shall die fulfilled. Love, loss, grief, redemption, set against the once formidable skyline of The City. Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann. My brass ring.

Small celebration... Two poems from last April's Poem A Day (PAD) Challenge, hosted by Writer's Digest Robert Lee Brewer, made Top 5 poems for two of the 30 days. Over the course of the month more than 1,000 poets contributed nearly 25,000 poems, so making it through that slush feels just super. Since then, the Day 18 poem When a Bowl Hits a Tree comfortably cohabitates at Tattoo Highway. Day 27 poem Longing for Hades is making the literary journal rounds under an alias.

Okay, back to the Drambuie and the laptop... Peace, Linda


  1. How lovely!

    Thanks for stopping by and saying hi while you're working to meet those deadlines.


  2. Congrats on the poems. That's quite impressive.

  3. GREAT WORLD is that awesome, huhn?

    i've read his first novel (this side of brightness) and had bought DANCER, which fans told me is even better than GREAT WORLD. but hey, maybe i need yet another tbr book on that lovely pile...

  4. Congrats on the poems :)

    Wow, you are sure making that book sound enticing. To hear a writer who reads as much as you do say that she could die fulfilled never reading another book - that's huge. Quite the endorsement!

    And I do think there is a fear of love...

  5. congrats on the 2 top 5s and thanks for yanking my chain about it. I had not taken the time to go over and check as I really didn't think I'd have any listed. I feel sorta grown up now :-)

  6. Moonie, I just ordered Mccann's other books, but yes -- GREAT WORLD is worth the read. I got the kindle version < $7.

    Yeah, Chrys, I am amazed at his structure and voices. One is a tad cliche, but still... great stuff. And the connecting theme of Phillipe Petit's tight-rope walk between the WTTs is a wonderful paen to NYC and, backhandedly, 911. Because these connected shorts really are all about love and grief.

    Paige, molto congrats to you. Loved your poem. The odds were not in our favor, so yeah -- we done good.

    Peace, Linda

  7. Huge congrats on your poetry successes!! Way to go!

  8. Good news, good news. I love hearing good news from you, friend Linda.

    The book to end all books, eh? Wow. That's a heck of a compliment.


  9. That's AWESOME! Congratulations!

  10. I like your poem at Tattoo Highway, and that's a really cool journal; it's nice to see you there.