Monday, March 29, 2010

Brain Food. Or Why those BK fries are soooooooo goooooood

Ho-Hos, nacho Doritos, Big Macs, frosties -- a slippery slope to compusive eating? Turns out when rats eat our favorite junk foods, their wee brains light up the same if snorting coke or shooting smack. Maybe this helps explain the obesity problem in American kids. Read more in NATURE.

If only lettuce and apples gave us the same high...

Peace, Linda


  1. hey did you just call me phat?

    I know buy oh how my grandchildren like me this way...someone told them I was jolly. and why does that word resemble jelly?

    do you have your pencils sharpened have you preped your brain with rhymes and such?

    just finished an Orange Dreamslush from Sonic (dreamsiclelious)

  2. I did read that somewhere years ago. That's when I stopped eating chips on a regular basis. I stopped sodas too. Whenever I try drinking sodas these days (which is rare) I'm accosted by the taste of all those poisonous chemicals. Urgh. I'm glad I weaned myself off that stuff.


  3. An interesting article, Linda. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Thankfully, coffee still has some people in its corner. That's one addiction I'm not ready to give up yet.