Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Resolved... No Resolutions

Why argue with the inevitability of failure?

Rather, embrace what works and ignore the rest.

And THAT is my credo for 2010.



What would the end of December be without the obligatory 'got-done' list of the year? Here's mine...

Golden handcuffs... aka tenure. Yippee!

The Writing... This year I decided to write through the cruddy economy, focus instead on craft rather than continue the futile game of 'find an agent'. I learned so much from incredible writers and teachers: Rachel Kadish (Lesley University), Katherine Taylor (Gotham), Jordan Rosenfeld, and Peter Selgin (Dzanc Creative Writing Sessions). End result -- lots of words churned:

--52 poems (7 accepted for publication)
--17 flashes (6 published)
--1 'real' short story (GONE, forthcoming in 2010 in Harbinger*33)
--77k worth of PURE.
--Not to mention 94 blog posts.

The Reading... Read 39 novels, 5 memoirs, and a lot of print and e-zine stuff (The Sun, Bellevue Review, Ploughshares, Every Day Fiction/Poetry). In the end, life got in the way of reading and reviewing all 12 debut novels published by independent presses. Got 2/3rds through, but what fabulous reads -- see sidebar. I'll continue reviewing books, focusing on independent presses, throughout 2010.

The best stuff though? Really? Amazing flash fiction and poetry by writers flying (undeservedly) under the radar. Check out #fridayflash on twitter and follow the urls for super short reads. Or check out the blogs of My Fellow Crazies.


THANK YOU for hanging here with me and my words. May the best continue to come. Peace, Linda


  1. Keep going, keep going, keep going. That's my creed for 2010.

    Happy New Year.


  2. I love this idea Linda, listing all your writing out - you accomplished quite alot!
    I haven't really thought of a credo, but I'll give you one of my favorite quotes: Keep on keepin' on - Joe Dirt. (not my favorite movie, but funny.)
    Happy New Year.

  3. no comment

    haha now that's funny to leave "no comment" for a comment

    Happy New Year my friend

  4. Joy and sadness, highs and lows - that is life no matter what.
    May 2010 fill your heart with peace and enlightenment.

  5. Holy Smokes, Linda. You so rocked '09 despite it all. I bet you agent Pure this year. I bet you do.

    Keep up the good work, Linda. Happy New Year!

    Hugs, Jodi

  6. Happy New Year again! You know, Erin, it does feel good to write out one's acconplishments. Sometimes in this writing stuff it seems so little does get done, but every word is a word, and gets us closer to where we're heading...

    Jodi, I might get to marketing this baby by the end of the year. Fingers crossed I get this baby finished by then.

    Peace, Linda

  7. Good grief, that's a pile of words you amassed last year!
    Funny aside; I started writing the narratives for my work reports in MS Word and just kept them in one document (the program the reports eventually go in doesn't have a spell checker, among other things). End of the year: high side of 87K. Would that I could have put that energy into something creative.

    Best in 2010. Glad to call you a friend.