Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, Part Deux: The Dzanc Write-a-Thon

I started off this year challenging you to put your money where your mouth is and read debut books published by independent presses. I walked my talk and bought, read, and reviewed 9 debut indy-pubbed books here on my wee bloggo. Along the way, I read some fascinating books, corresponded with authors and editors, discovered some super small presses, and, hopefully, helped a few readers connect with writers flying (undeservedly) under the radar of the mainstream press.

When my father entered hospice, I kind of petered out on the reading end of things. Did a lot of writing, though -- much cheaper than therapy and fewer side effects than Prozac and Ativan. Now there's a perfect opportunity to combine two things I love best: write like a maniac and help out others.

About the Cause: I love Dzanc. Not only do they put out fabulous books, but they also have heart -- they care about emerging writers, literacy, and the world we write in and read about. Dzanc Books is a non-profit organization, established to not only publish great books, but to work nationally in set communities to provide writing workshops and year round programs for students and adults alike. These programs include the Dzanc Writer in Residence Programs, The Dzanc Prize, and the Dzanc Creative Writing Sessions.

How It Works: The Dzanc Write-a-Thon is like any other a-thons you've supported or participated in your lifetime, only with writing being the catalyst to the raising of buckolas. On Friday, I'll catharse my response to a prompt provided by Dzanc for the day's #fridayflash. Your job? Donate whatever you can -- a dollar, five dollars, ten dollars, whatever you can spare. You can drop your change HERE Just click on my name. And let me know if you've contributed -- I'll raffle off a copy of Peter Selgin's LIFE GOES TO THE MOVIES.

Peace, Linda


  1. Cool concept, Linda. Good luck on the write-a-thon. It will be fascinating to see how it works out.

  2. I'll have to put Dzanc on the quick links. Contribution on the way.


  3. Thanks my dear Johns ;^)

    I'll post whatever info I get from Dzanc. Peace, Linda

  4. It will be fascinating to see how it works out.

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