Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I Wonder...

--if the slush pile of grant proposals at the National Institutes of Health is deeper than the stacks of manuscripts in agents' offices

--if the man passed out in his own vomit on this morning's metro received medical attention

--what the woman in the fur-lined parka was screaming in the alley

--why the tornado only took trees and not lives

--why we marginalize our mentally ill to the streets

--how to keep grace alive

Just wondering... Peace, Linda


  1. got me thinking about now.

  2. Those are some good ponderings. Pretty deep for so early in the morning.

  3. --how to keep grace alive

    You're doing a fairly good job of that yourself.

    Good luck on the NIH slush pile. Hope your proposal(s) fairs well.

  4. Eh. Every now and then I get reflective. Stuff on my mind. So please, folks, don't ponder too hard - the weekend is upon us.

    Jon... sigh... my proposal didn't get a score. Sigh again. I'm thinking I'd rather write fiction and poetry than science - better hit rates.

    Peace, Linda

  5. --Why are there 10 weiners in a pack but only eight buns in a bag?

    --Is it possible for someone with an outee bellybutton to have a sustainable relationship with an innee?

    --Who wrote the book of love?

    --Why can't we all just get along?

    O.k. I'm done. Guess my rough day at work brought out the smart alec in me.

  6. Ha-ha-ha, Kevin. Great way to rev up my morning! My rough days get me all sappy - I'm gonna plagarize your attitude. Peace, Linda

  7. Deep thoughts, Linda. No answers here. The only consolation: such wonderings lead to writings.


  8. Yep.

    Got quite a few writings out of sorrows. In fact, almost every single pub this year. Cheaper than therapy... and sure beats the pills. Peace, Linda

  9. "Cheaper than therapy..." Isn't that why most of us write? :) Peace to you also.

  10. Great thoughts, Linda. And here I've been wondering why we duck heads and goose rears. Just crazy 'ol me, I guess.

    If it weren't for all the wonderings, we wouldn't have any stories to write. Such is the beauty of being a writer.

  11. Here's another one: If the adage of "Garbage-in,garbage-out" is true, then what the hell have I been eating?

    O.K., I'll stop. ;)

  12. Heh-heh-heh... Laura, are you saying we're all crazy? Of course we are...

    Stephen, great wonderings from yourself.

    I promise to be more upbeat. Truly. Peace, Linda