Sunday, August 16, 2009

Harvested Today from the Garden...

Raspberries, hazelnuts, pole beans, Kentucky Wonder bush beans, asparagus, white peaches, Asian pears, basil, cucumbers, and tomatoes: yellow pear, green zebra, purple cherokee, roma, brandywine.

From our farm share -- tomatillos, garlic, basil, Blue Peruvian fingerlings, onions (red, yellow, white)

Dinner -- tomato salsa, roasted tomatillo salsa, grilled chicken breasts, corn/tomato/black bean salad, roasted asparagus, peach crisp with vanilla ice cream, reisling/traminer with raspberries

Happy eating... Peace, Linda


  1. Can I come to dinner at your house?

    Gorgeous picture!

  2. Laura, you are welcome anytime. Let me know when you are in the Baltimore area. Though some nights we just do kraft mac-n-cheese ;^)

    peace, Linda

  3. Yum.


    We keep getting these little grub looking things eating into our cucumbers. I hate using chemicals. Any suggestions, Farmer Linda? We've got more marigolds planted than I can count.


  4. Yum indeed. The raspberries are amazing this year, finally enough rain.

    John, are the grubs slugs? Little ones? Are they cutting the vine - or the fruit? For viney veggies, you might want to lay plastic under them to prevent varmints that like wet. Peace, linda