Friday, May 22, 2009


Great article in defense of distraction, comps of New York Magazine, on the thrills and perils of twitter, Adderal, texting, and all the other multi-tasks we conduct.

The bad news? You can't be happy all the time.

The good news? You can pretty much focus all the time.

The future - 30 minute secular attention workouts, right there along with our daily dose of treadmill.

Happy. Long. Weekend.

Much needed.

Myself, I'm writing for a great Flash Fiction contest with Prizes! Money! Print Potential! over at EDITOR UNLEASHED. And catching up on Middlemarch. And just hanging with the family.

Peace, Linda


  1. Oh, and good luck on the contest!

  2. Quite a lengthy article, Linda. Thanks for the link. He makes interesting points, but is a wee bit wordy.

    “The only time multitasking does work efficiently, Meyer says, is when multiple simple tasks operate on entirely separate channels—for example, folding laundry (a visual-manual task) while listening to a stock report (a verbal task). But real-world scenarios that fit those specifications are very rare.”

    Ah, thus I can listen to an audio book while playing a mindless computer game or compose a poem while walking the dog.

    “We keep an average of eight windows open on our computer screens at one time and skip between them every twenty seconds.”

    Well, I guess I’m well below average. I think three is my average.

    I already knew about the Boston Molasses Disaster. Still like molasses cookies though.

  3. Hey Jon, yes indeedy, a tad verbose. But good stuff, meat for my fiction. I especially appreciated the need for meditation - brings Julia Cameron's reflective approach to writing full circle.

    Thanks for the well-wishes - gotta write tha dang thing first! But I just spent an hour outside amidst my bleeding hearts and peonies, and crafted a first draft.

    And good luck to you! looking forward to reading your ditty. Oodles of entries so far. Peace, Linda

  4. Yes, luck to everyone. May we all meet in the top 40, at least.

    On the article, I just read something similar that either cited the same study or one with similar results. In regards to creativity, I need undivided attention to feel I'm performing at peak efficiency. An interruption that doesn't take me "out of the mode" is okay (getting something for the kid to drink, letting the dogs out), but if I have to switch gears entirely, it just frazzles me.

    Anyhoo...the roads are thick with visitors and the weather is beautiful here on the Outer Banks. Summer is here, no matter that the calander says otherwise.


  5. I've been so busy at work I haven't had time for forums or sixes or blogin or writtin but trying to catch up now and my carples are ah hurtin...type cringe rub, use a pen cringe rub. this is takin 4ever

  6. John, I'm with you - undivided attention and focus. Lately, I've not been able to grab my early morning hour because the kids have been getting up early. So frustrated in an understatement.

    Paige! Carpal tunnel! Oh dear - I hope you feel better soon. You HAVE been quiet... miss you. Peace, Linda

  7. Hey, really interesting article. I skimmed more than read b/c as others pointed out, it is a bit wordy, yet interesting.

    I definitely feel like for me personally, I feel that poverty of attention, and I don't really like it, but it is addicting. It's going to be very interesting going back to school, b/c it's going to be a lot different than when I went ten years ago. I will have to be really careful about how and where I allocate my attention!

    Yes, good luck on the writing contests, and on Middlemarch!

    And for some strange reason, I am getting some weird message whenever I try to visit your blog, some warning about "this may be an attack" site. It comes up EVERY time I try to access you, can't imagine why, freakin' computers....