Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The REAL reason publishing's going to hell in a handbasket...

Chris Goldberg's got it right at HuffPo... dudes don't read but it ain't their fault.

I mean really... can you take any more books involving vampires, knitters, or spoiled Americans finding themselves in (insert exotic location)?

And hey - I'm a girl. Give me Brett Easton Ellis over Stephanie Meyers, any day.

Peace, Linda


  1. There's reading beyond the Internet?



  2. With a wide variety of ESPN, movie and other male-oriented channels just a remote-button click away, it's easy to see why men don't read. That's not to rationalize it, though. To me, it seems that America has misplaced certain values. Sadly, reading books is just one of them.

    That won't keep me from trying, though. I want to be one of those bad--- writers that Chris is looking for. ;-)

  3. LA, Yeah, I wonder about that, too...

    Stephen I want to be one of those bad*** writers, too!