Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

Between a dead laptop that's put me into extreme writing withdrawal and a hacking cough that makes me sound - and feel - like a three-pack-a-dayer, I've been downright miserable. Here's what's been getting me through the past week...

1/ "God, who is the author of this world, put foreshadowing in the clouds." From Will, my 8.5 year old son who's learning how to read and write stories in his language arts class. Brilliant, huh?

2/ Drambuie. A hefty jiggerful (or three) at night to 'help the cough'.

3/ Mucinex. My favorite Over-the-Counter drug these days. Of course, the damn stuff doesn't really work; it's all in my head. But the twelve dollar price tag makes me think the cough syrup's better than placebo. (I'd prefer terpin hydrate with codeine but, hey, then I'd have to see the doc).

4/ American Idol. It's baaaack!!!!!

5/ Radiohead. Their new album IN RAINBOWS is effing fabulous. Check out the live version of 15 STEPS, a percussive, driving tune in 5/4 that I can't keep out of my head (Radiohead - 15 Steps (Live at 93 Feet East))


  1. your 8.5-year-old is scarily clever.

  2. Yes, seriously, that was fucking brilliant! And of course, he had to get that brilliance from somewhere : )

    I hope the cold gets better soon. Good music, I believe, always helps the healing process.

    Or watching really insane auditions on American Idol, lol. That'll do it too. Last year I actually kind of followed Idol.

    I'm really fascinated by that show Moment of Truth that's on afterward on Weds. AND! House comes back on Tuesday!

  3. Found your blog while hopping around on various sites today. I've enjoyed it. Thank you.

  4. I'm stealing that line for my signature. :)

    and what do you mean Mucinex doesn't work???? I've been popping it like candy...sniff...but...haven't you seen the commercial...

    seriously, the cough refuses to be shaken. what a bug. hope your battle is going more successfully.

  5. Hey all, thanks for popping by. Hmmmm... no one loves Radiohead as much as me :(. And still coughing... moved on to homemade limoncello, which seems to do the trick these nights! Oh, and laptop back in action - hurray!

    Moonrat, thanks for popping by; my son IS kind of eerie with his observations. Freaks me out somedays... Great cover copy contest on your blog, wish I got it together in time (and not surprised JD or Conduit took top honors).

    Chrys, music is a salve for all ills. Better than drugs of any ilk.

    Sandi, thanks for dropping in - I'll wander more on your blog, which seems very familiar. I've visited you before, your art is soooo wonderfully distinctive.

    And dear Twiz, we'll hack together. The Mucinex does work for bringing the phlegm up (yeck!) but not for alleviating the cough itself. Unless you use the DM (for dextromethorphan), but that stuff keeps me wired better than caffeine.

    Peace, all... Linda

  6. Your son is eight and a half and he wrote that? Wow, don't let that go. What a talent!