Tuesday, January 08, 2008

6S Kind of Week

Take a look at the Six Sentences site and check out the micro-flash of some of my writing buddies:

First, my (wonderful) husband Henry expounds on how a seemingly bad life may actually be a relative blessing. Deborah, one of my Nudge-Nudge Collective buddies, writes lyrically of painting and yearning. Kim, also a Nudge-Nudger, compelling relates why it's not good to leave leave guns hanging around where kids can 'play' with them. Finally, fellow Baltimorean Brian pens a beautiful piece on Crazy Horse.

Good work, guys! Peace, Linda

In memorium... Today my trusty Dell Inspiron flashed her brilliant blue screen... and died. All weekend she had acted strangely, burping and bumping and freezing. I lost much sleep last night worrying about her impending demise. And, yes (thank Goddess), EVERYTHING was backed up on my external.

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