Monday, October 22, 2007


Got your attention? The title sounds a bit… salacious. But I don’t mean internet dating or porn or enhanced ‘telephone’ nookie. Noooooo, nothing like that from this staid blogger. Heh-heh-heh...

Lea (holding her friend Scruffy), me (in black and red), Heather (the gorgeous one), and Michael (cute, huh?)

What the title refers to is the incredible ability of hardware and software and whizzing wires to bring together like-minded individuals. To read each other’s work. To become intimate with stories and characters who only exist in our minds – and on white pages. To develop strong attachments because of shared passions for writing. And sometimes, you get curious: who are these people? Really? What do they look like? Is their voice squeaky or low? How do they dress? What quirks or mannerisms do they have? Are they frenetic or so low-key and relaxed you could slide them under a closed door?

I had the recent pleasure of meeting one writing colleague – I can call her friend now – in the flesh. Wildstrawberries, a writing buddy from the Writer’s Digest forums who has published a memoir, has a couple of hobbies: traveling on a whim, and visiting famous authors’ homes. When she mentioned she wanted to visit Edgar Allen Poe’s home in Baltimore, I posted that I was (rightfully) embarrassed I had never visited – and I work less than a half-mile away. So WS - Heather to me now - flew with her lovely hubby from Wisconsin and we met in Molly McGuire’s, a great Irish pub, and chatted for more than two hours about… writing. And more writing. And a little bit about reading, then more about writing. And all the wonderful people we’ve met and experiences we’ve had. My daughter Lea and her hubby Michael made goo-goo eyes at each other while we indulged ourselves. Sheer heaven.

We did get to the museum – eventually – and visited Westminster burying grounds where dear EAP lies with much of his family. Thanks for visiting, dear friend!

Kelley (aka Twizzle), another cyber buddy sent me a ‘meme’ last week. Freaked me out – a meme? Some sort of disease? Actually, it’s kind of a chain letter ‘tag’ you send to fellow bloggers. I guess this means Twiz likes me. Yoo-hoo, because I like her, too. A lot. And when you check out her blog, you will, too.

Anyway, the meme theme is: Describe your five strengths as a writer. So here goes:

1) I am persistent. Yep, like a fly on poop. I may not have talent, but at least I will write and edit and market until some poor slob recognizes my… persistence. Or my OCD.

2) I am a perfectionist. Dot the ‘i’ and cross the ‘t’ used to be my nickname. This is why I can sometimes spend an entire day on a single paragraph. And come back to the same sentences the next morning. Maybe I really am obsessive-compulsive...

3) I am a damn good editor. ‘nuf said. (There are meds for excess attention to detail. Right?)

4) I am generous with myself to other writers. Sounds virtuous, doesn’t it? Don’t let me fool you – I’m the most selfish writer in the world. I learn from everyone else’s work, which is why I love to read their stories – then tear them apart. Gently, kindly. And they return the favor.

5) I have a very high pain tolerance. Why else would I put myself through the maddening torture of writing?

So I’ve said my piece and I tag… Deborah and Chrys! Pay the cyberlove forward, girls… Peace, Linda


  1. Such an odd but fascinating world blogging has opened up to this generation of writers. Cheers for embracing it to the fullest.

    And as one who has benefited from your writing, blessings on you and your talents.

    Now how was the Poe museum?

  2. I love the word salacious.


    so, yeah. how was the museum? and oh look there's wildstrawberries!!

    Loved your meme. Esp about being generous. I truly believe as writers, we're readers first and foremost. Fans, even. :)

    so okay, back to Poe. Did you enjoy it? suggest it? I want to go in April...

  3. Ahhhh!! I just saw your entries on Nathan's blog! And Chrys, too. I wish you both SO much luck. This is so exciting.

    Now, If only I could have typed mine correctly. Oh well. :)

  4. Hey Sarah and Twiz, Thanks for dropping by. The Poe museum is fascinating, but very teeny. It has a few artifacts (china, photos), but the most interesting are the orginal engravings for THE RAVEN. Also, a decent 20 minute flick. It's in a funky part of town (plopped in the midst of proects), so you should drive or cab it over.

    Couple the visit with one to the Westminster Burying Grounds on the medical campus (and a short distance away), plus lunch in the area, and you've a pleasant diversion.

    Twiz, come on down - I'll give you the tour! If you're really a Poe fan, you'll need to head south to Richmond for the larger museum and house.

    Yeah, NB's contest... 'twas fun, but soooooo many great indispensible firsts there. Your two looked super - I'll be thrilled for you, me, or Chrys if we make it to the semis... you're on a roll (and so is Chrys), so... we'll see in a few short hours. Peace...