Thursday, June 06, 2013

We WantYour 300 Words--NOW!

June 22 is International Flash Fiction Day, and to celebrate all stories short and stupendous, a few of us are hosting FLASHMOB2013, a blog carnival and contest. What you need to do to do:

1) Write a story 300 words or less (send us something that pushes boundaries;

2) Then send the following to

--the link to your story
--the story in the Text of the email WITHOUT your name at the top
--a brief bio
--a funky pic

3) Send us your best by JUNE 10.

Of course, there's prizes. And the judges are spectacular writers from all over the world. Read more about it at the official website: FLASHMOB2013.

So get writing. The clock is ticking.



  1. I am really looking forward to reading the submissions.

  2. I'm still pondering this. Been up to my elbows in the novel...