Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gray Days

Seems every day starts out gray, either veiled in fog (liked this morning) or spattering the earth with a fine mist. If I did not know better, I would swear I was in London or Seattle.

I would like Mother nature to make up her damn mind--really rain, or push the clouds east, over the ocean. The precip is not enough to do our garden much good, just enough to slicken surfaces.

The sun did break through late yesterday afternoon. I managed to find some time after dinner to suspend myself in the hammock. Closed my eyes. Listened to the birds chatter, cars drive by, lawn mower sing, children laugh, basketball thump asphalt, bull frog sing, cicadas chant. A meditation.

I had not yet seen the news, nor heard it. I did not know tornados had leveled a town in Oklahoma.

I will keep my gray days, and be grateful for a natural ferocity no greater than annoyance.



  1. They're calling it the worst tornado in the history of the world. It was two miles wide. The images are just terrifying.


  2. There was a tornado? I've been out of the loop lately... I drove past a park with the flags at half-mast and couldn't figure out who had died. I've been living in happy oblivion, not listening to the news, not picking up a paper... it's my version of your hammock and while I feel a little bit like an ostrich with its head in the sand, it's a good feeling.

  3. A heart-breaking reminder that we usually don't have a great deal to complain about.

  4. We got touched by another tornado system out here in New York. The winds have been hard but rain has been stingy. I'm waiting to hear how it all plugs into global warming.