Monday, April 14, 2008

My Poem Featured on Poetic Asides!!!!!!!!

Scroll below.... see? Monday morning before the garbage truck comes

The prompt was... worry.

Cool! Peace, Linda


  1. I remember reading this when you posted it, Linda, and really liking this particular poem. You really caught the static nature of worry. And that line about the perfume! Wow, a hammer in your everyday laundry list of worries, and so in keeping with how the brain operates. Congratulations on having this one featured.

  2. Excellent Linda!

    Recognition for poetry as well as your Blog and your 'other' writing (fiction!!)
    You're on your way -- lady.

    I also remember reading this when you posted it.
    I became concerned - ha!
    See - you elicited emotion through your poem -
    what every writer hopes for.
    You're the best.
    take care,

  3. Thanks gals! Just remember... poetry can be fictionalized, too. The perfume is a filip, and the other stuff (except for the lunches!) already happened... Peace, Linda

  4. I love it! And congratulations. You are moving up in the writing world, my friend.

    Two things that really struck me:

    I loved how it seemed that the thought at the end of one stanza was picked up at the beginning of the next. Nice.

    I also liked how you had "white noise" and then two or so lines later, the comment about the radiologist, for some reason, I just thought that was a real interesting juxtaposition of sorts

    And I can definitely relate to the feeling!

  5. Hiya Chrys!
    Yes, slow and steady wins the... agent? editor? We'll see, we'll see... Thanks for eading my attempts at poetry. I kinda liked Monday morning myself, and will revise it later in May. Peace, friend...