Tuesday, April 15, 2008

6S: The Book

It's here.

Tax day cometh, and so does the debut of 6S: THE BOOK. An eclectic anthology of stories told in exactly six sentences by over 100 authors. Including me (!!!!!). I have three micros in volume 1, all excerpts from BRIGHTER THAN BRIGHT. Here, the first sentences of each...

>>PHARMING. The small room reeks; yellow urine puddles by the john, streamers of toilet paper and clods of crap circle slowly in the bowl.

>>ANOTHER TECHNICOLOR MOMENT. Blurred, my eyes land on the photo: the two of us at Nantucket harbor, the sunset glowing behind us, a gaudy Mai Tai, while I stare into the camera, serious as the wind whips my hair, but he looks at me, eyes soft, mouth curved in a small smile.

>>HIGH FLYER. My very atoms vibrate: from caffeine, from sleep deprivation, from the constant moving forward.

The online journal runs daily, rain or shine, and features famous folk (Ethan Hawke recently popped in withhis own 6S) as well as those of us who aspire to be. And a lot of writers in my cyber-circle are featured. One of three guarantees in life, along with death and taxes, is that 6S: The Book will be a damn good read.

Birthed by Rob McEvily and available from AMAZON.

Peace, Linda


  1. Fantastic Linda! I can't wait to check it out.

  2. or check out Ethan.


    ohhhh congrats! getting my copy now.

  3. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats Linda!

  4. Yes!!

    Excellent news. I'm off to Amazon . . .
    Congrats friend.

  5. Hi Linda, thanks for checking out my blog. I just got my copy of 6SVI today and like Barbra Streisand with her Oscar said, "Hello, gorgeous!" I've slowly been making my way through the book and need to find your stories. Did you see the 11-page story in there? An impressive use of six sentences!

  6. Thanks all! Just got the hardcopy in the mail and what a wonderful read. Some lush stuff here.

    Tara, thanks for popping by, too! Loved your piece about the woman swimming - last line got me in the gut.

    That 11 page piece is by Tim; I'm off to give him grief (thinks he's Faulkner, hmppphhhhh).