Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Preview and Interview

Robert Brewer, Poet Magnificent at Poetic Asides (Writer's Digest), interviews me and 24 other poets as we get closer to National Poetry Month. Will you accept the mission--to write a poem a day, every day, in the month of April?

Interview with Top 25 Poet Linda Simoni-Wastila



  1. Love your interview - and am in awe at the concept of a poem a day for a month. So much more growth and value (to my eyes anyway) than the A to Z challenge also running. Though I suppose a poet could combine the two...

  2. Great interview. I actually don't read a ton of poetry, I'm much more of a prose girl, but I, too, love Sharon Olds for a lot of the same reasons you talked about. And wow, your poem is amazing and contains all the elements that you admire in poetry. It made me pause at the end.

    It's so great to see your writing evolve, lovely Linda.