Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What to Say?

This the question I have asked myself the past month as I ponder the blank white space of this blog.

It isn't that I don't have stuff to say (me? with no opinions?), it is just that many of the things I want to say are not ones I want to haunt me in cyberland beyond my physical demise. But I haven't been in the mood, to write here or hang out on facebook or twitter or bloghop. Just not in the mood to socialize. It also doesn't help that the cold I had two weeks ago morphed into acute bronchitis, which has left me feeling weak and flaccid and full of throat tickles that become full-body coughs when I talk too much.

So what can I say?

The kids are good. Both of them. Number One Son is finishing his week at Rock Shop Camp. Number Two Daughter performed in three shows of THE LITTLE MERMAID before full houses. Somehow my husband and I have agreed to host a slumber party tomorrow for three girls and two boys (separate levels of the house). Indeed, #2 and her two friends are embarking on a sleep-over marathon, a progressive slumber party of sorts. The question remains: will she be a human I care to interact with come Friday?

Husband is good. He revels in the garden, his creation. Despite the whacko weather, it is one of the best years for flowers. We'll see how the raspberries and kiwis fare as the second round of stinkbugs hatch.

Myself, I am three weeks into my sabbatical. I am working on a couple of grant proposals with potential collaborators, and fleshing out my own proposal on opioid analgesic use and diversion. I spent a week at Common ground on the Hill and wrote some flash memoir and learned to play my native American flute. I have read six books. I have made zucchini bread every week, several pies, a batch of triple-berry jam, and read in the hammock when it is cool enough and/or not raining. We have shot off fireworks and eaten ice cream most nights.

In terms of writing, some big decisions on my current project THE MINISTER'S WIFE. The stories have become too sweeping to keep this as a novel of linked stories, so it is becoming 'just' a novel. Which is fine. I have been struggling with forcing the various stories into boxes that are the wrong shape and size. It is freeing to let the stories rip. All this upheaval thanks to my wonderful instructor and classmates at Hopkins.

I usually can't write flash while in the midst of novel land, but I will have a few small non-fiction pieces coming up in Flash Fiction Chronicles and Awkward Paper Cut. Will keep you posted on those.

So what are you up to?



  1. Looks to me like you have plenty to say and keep us informed on but I know what you mean about not being in the mood.

    Congrats on the upcoming flash pieces and the 'novel' decision!

    I'm published some of my Mahabharat short stories to Kindle. The first I published was The Prophecy on July 9th, and I'm published the next, Bhishma - Son of Ganga, on August 6th. I'll be doing roughly one a month.


    1. Wow Jai, you've been busy, too! I will look for your stories--once a month is no small feat! Peace...

  2. My goodness you have been busy. I love your decisions about your writing and am looking forward to your flash fiction pieces.
    Here? We are muddling along, with the smaller portion in convalescent mode (again).

    1. Oh dear... not again. Will head over to your blog for the update. Meanwhile, xoxoxox...

  3. I'm struggling to finish a comedy short story before friends arrive for a college reunion. It's been a brutally busy summer and will only ramp up in August!

    Wishing you the best, Linda.

    1. John, since you are one of the most prolific writers I know, you will most likely get two stories done by the time the college reunion ramps up. Here's to Fall! Enjoy the reunion. Peace...

  4. Yay a post from Linda. Glad you are feeling better!!! Sounds like you are living the life :) I am happy for you. So excited to see this morphing of The Ministers Wife, and hope I still get to read more even when this semester is over. <3!!