Thursday, March 21, 2013

Still Quiet...

Still quiet on the internet front. Mostly because of work, which has had a lot of activity, and because of my writing course, which requires a close reading of a novel a week, plus writing assignments. And because we had a slew of fantastic submissions to read through for JMWW.

I did go to AWP in Boston, which you can read about HERE.

And I have been writing, in slow spurts, but at least I am writing.

My heart still aches, though not so much. I have hope. I remind myself that every moment is just that--a moment. It too shall pass, to be replaced by another moment.

I  know, I know... I sound very Zen these days. Mindfulness has become an anchor for me. It is what keeps the butterflies of anxiety at bay.

Spring happened, which also brings hope. What a gray, dreary winter this has been.



  1. At least you are writing... more than I can say! And so glad spring has arrived somewhere because my neck of the woods is firmly entrenched in January. Le sigh.

  2. Butterflies of anxiety. <3 Inhale to gather them all in one place from all of your body and mind. Exhale to send them out into the universe, where they can be free to learn how to fly and see the light. (((hugs)))

  3. Mindfulness is a most excellent anchor - something too many of us need. I do hope that your heart ache eases and that the butterflies can fly free - soon.

    1. Thank you. Linda is a dear friend and I love her words.