Tuesday, May 08, 2012

So Many Books, So Little Time...

Between classes and recommendations and yard sales, I'm a-swimming in books. What to read first? Or third (I tend to have 3 or more books going at a time)? Here are a few choices:

LONE SURVIVOR by Marcus Luttrell, about surviving special ops in Afghanistan, a must-read for research on my novel.

HOMESTEAD by Rosina Lippi, spanking new from Amazon.

SWAMPLANDIA! by Karen Russell, required reading for upcoming summer course.

SELECTED STORIES by Andre Dubus because every word of his is delectable.

UP FROM THE BLUE by Susan Henderson because it's a damn fine story by a damn fine writer.

Already in the thick of KINO by Jurgen Fauth (wondermous reading, especially for anyone who loves German film and/or all things WWII), THE HUNGER GAMES (Suzanne Collins), GOD IS RED (by Vine Deloria, an authoritative text on Native American psirituality and needed for the novel), THE CAR THIEF by Theodore Weesner (the classic coming out in e-reader format), and rereading (also for novel) WAR by Sebastian Junger.

Almost as good as the rhubarb pie I made tonight.

So, what are you reading? What are you ABOUT to read? Peace...


  1. Ever since I began blogging I've been a terrible reader of books, but I do manage to get through a few. I'm reading some Pessoa, Henry Miller (sexist and vulgar but also funny and such a good storyteller) and poetry by Ted Hughes. I have that Dubus collection. Maybe I'll dip into that.

  2. Nothing is as good as homemade rhubarb pie. Nothing. But let me know which book you love best because your last recommendation, City of Thieves, knocked my socks off.

  3. I do adore some tropic of cancer. And Ted Hughes. Tell me what you think of Dubus, especially Voices from the Moon--my last teacher 'match-makes' her students with particular pieces, and that was mine.

    Yes, City of Thieves is fabulous. I will keep you posted. You liked Still Alice? Great story, not-so-great writing, but still enjoyable.

    Read on! Peace...

  4. I am thrilled to hear that someone else has two or more books on the go at one time.
    Right now:
    Neverwhere: Neil Gaiman

    James Tiptree, Jr the double like of Alice B Sheldon: Julie Phillips

    Letters to Monica: Philip Larkin

    and a very bad murder mystery to wind down before sleep.

    Next (probably) The Book of Life a compendium of the best autobiographical and memoir writing: Edited by Eve Claxton