Monday, February 06, 2012

Things I noticed today

--So many middle-aged African-American men walk with canes; I counted seven in the twenty minute subway ride.

--A woman on the metro rested her head against the seat, eyes closed, a smile playing on her face.

--Sun falling on an graffiti-covered brick wall can fill a dirty alley with grace.

--Students in the back of the classroom surf the net while I lecture; those closer in tend to listen, nodding to signify they are awake.

--Pulling my daughter onto the couch and snuggling under a blanket with her vanquishes her crankiness.

--The post-office flag wasn't flying by 9:03 this morning.

--Red stained the side-walk at a corner of Lexington Market, too thin for ketchup.

What did you notice today?



  1. I noticed, just now, that I should get out more.
    How lucky are you to be riding the Metro and seeing these things - except the blood, of course. Aren't you ever frightened? Being in the city by yourself?

    Still, I love that you notice those things. The woman with her eyes closed, and a mysterious smile. I wonder what she was thinking about... (Probably she was thinking, "That's Linda over there from Leftbrainwrite - maybe if I smile she'll blog about me!)

    And I wonder who slept in at the post office? Somebody slept in..

    What a nice post, Linda! Glad to hear about vanquishing of the crank!

  2. How lovely this post is. I am fascinated by the woman with the smile. Thank you. I noticed the carolling of the magpies in the trees in our yard, that the tiger lilies are still in flower, that everyone at the pool swam better than I do, and how soft the cat's fur is.

  3. Thankyou for reminding me to open my eyes more and not just be obsessed with getting everything 'done' before my time runs out! It has challenged me to think about keeping diary of what I notice each day :-)

  4. You are an observer.

    I noticed the prints of some little bird feet in the fresh snow. I wonder if their fett ever get cold.

  5. I noticed that my 3yr old grandson is smarter than me. Gillian