Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Write Like Chuck Palahniuk!!!!!

Check this out ==>>> HERE.

I thrive on positive reinforcement -- don't you? And we all need to have a little fun, agreed?

Who do you write like?

Peace, Linda


  1. Apparently James Joyce.
    Who is Chuck Palahniuk?
    This is too much fun!

  2. I got Dan Brown. Not sure how I feel about that...

  3. Eek, I put in my latest blog post and it told me I write like Dan Brown. I'm disturbed. Is my latest blog post really bad at characterisation? On the other hand he's pretty good at suspense.

    Now I'm tempted to put in other pieces of writing and see what it tells me.


  4. Just now I put in a blog post from last week and it's telling me I write like James Joyce. That's also disturbing.

    See what you've done, Linda? I won't be able to let it go now.


  5. OK I tried it 3 times. I got:

    1. Ray Bradbury
    2. Stephen King
    3. H. P. Lovecraft

    That's funny. They're good writers but I don't write SF or horror. I was hoping to get James Joyce...

  6. Yeah, I wanted James Joyce, too ;^)

    I think the idea is to keep plugging in your words until you get who you want.

    And Dan Brown? Who cares if he can't write -- I'll take his $$$$!

    Thanks for playing, kiddos! Peace...

  7. Fun little tool. I put in the first four episodes of my Tuesday Serial and got two Stephen King and two David Foster Wallace.

    I checked a few other posts and got everything from Douglas Adams to Vladimir Nabakov.

  8. i kept getting some guy named stephen king and david foster wallace. A few william gibsons

  9. I got Dan Brown and Arthur C Clarke. Fun!

  10. Linda, guess what we are TWINS!

  11. OMG, what a compliment. I think he is brillinat. Twisted, yes, but totally freaking brilliant. That reminds me that I want to put "Haunted" on my to-read this summer list.

    Very cool :) Not sure HOW I missed this post originally.

  12. hahaha, so funny! Tim, how you got King and Wallace on the essentially same story - amazing! They're both such disparate writers.

    Yeah, I love Pahalniuk. He is a wild writer. Peace...

  13. Dan Brown. Dan Brown. Dan Brown. I put three random excerpts from my YA fantasy novel in and each time this is what it came up with. What is it with this guy? Surely we don't all write like him?

    If someone asked me who I wrote like I'd never have thought of him. Totally different genre for a start.

    If you're interested, you can read ch1 of 'Lethal Inheritance’ at

  14. Ha!

    I tried twice and am supposed to be like William Gibson and David Foster Wallace.

    I see a few others are the same. Hmmmm.

    Fun time anyway.


  15. Ha! I saw this the otherday and I laughed. Chuckie P is a fav of mine and so are you- so that makes sense.

    I plugged in random chapters of Devil's Eye and got Daniel Defoe REPEATEDLY. I thought that was WEIRD. LOL.

    Love ya, hon