Thursday, May 06, 2010

Love in the Sand --> Over at BRAINDROPPINGS

Laurita Miller held a flash contest on all things ocean. LOVE IN THE SAND garnered an honorable mention. While you're there, check out grand winner Lily Mulholland's story, along with those by Michael Solender, Cathy Ouliffe, Lou Freshwater, Jodi MacArthur, Alan Davidson, and Barry Northern. An eclectic take on the seaside.

Peace, Linda


  1. popping over thar, but you should pop over to my place

  2. That was one steamy piece! Loved the details and the release at the end - ride the waves of the moment and let go!

  3. Your piece was HOT and I'm not talking about the sand. Your Jeremy had a better time than my Jeremy - that's for sure.

    All the stories at Laurita's were so cool. Fun contest.

    I hope you are doing well, Mountain Girl!

    Happy Mother's Day. <3

  4. Love the Love In The Sand!

    You're a little sneaky. You pulled a switcheroo with the name :)

    By everyone's reaction, you can believe that this sandy frolic was one fine piece of writing.

  5. Heh-heh-heh on the name switcheroo, eagle-eyes Kim. And yea, Jodi, my dude definitely had a better day. And glad my story made you feel so steamed up, Erin!

    Thank you PAIGE for my little award. You are so sweet... Peace, Linda