Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fabulous Flash Fiction - Forty For Free!

Available NOW for your reading pleasure -- The Editor Unleashed Flash Fiction Forty Winners.


--Defection (Yours Truly)
--Mirror, Mirror (Greta Igl)
--Pure White (Stephen Book)
--Rough Trade (Stephen Nicholson)
--Sportsmen (John Towler)
--Unscrambling Love (Angel Zapata)
--Ten One-hundreds of a Second (Deborah Bundy)
--The Mercantile Exchange (Kim Beck)

Peace, Linda


  1. Oh this is awesome! I actually have an interview coming up with the grand prize winner Laurel W.! Very excited!

  2. Cool!

    You can always interview the 2nd place winner ;^)

    Keep me posted when you interview - I'll do a call-out. Peace, Linda

  3. Thanks for the reference, Linda. That was so kind of you.

    And congratulations on your story. That's an awesome achievement. I'm proud to be in an anthology with someone of your caliber.

  4. It was an interesting experience start to finish. I don't think you can parse a final verdict, but I did find out writers are a lot more Hobbsian than I thought.