Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Last of Lasts...

Father's Day swept in this year on a bittersweet wind. I couldn't be with my father this year to honor him in what may likely be his last such celebration. But in my garden three hundred miles away, the currants hung, red fleshy globules. I spent the afternoon picking the lip-puckering berries, cleaning them, boiling them into juice. When I visit in two weeks, I will have jars of glistening ruby jelly for him to enjoy. His favorite.

Father's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July... the flowering dogwoods, beach trip, my childrens' birthdays... the hummingbird, the taste of roast turkey, solid food, a day without morphine...

The last of lasts.

I am not sure next summer I'll be able to harvest currants without crying.


The Writing... HABITS DIE HARD up at Boston Literary Magazine. Kudos to writing friends Stephen Book, Greta Igl, Doug Mathewson, and Jane Banning, whose drabbles grace the same page.

DEFECTION continues to hang tough in the EDITOR UNLEASHED/SMASHWORDS Flash Fiction 40 Contest. I'm pretty flabbergasted - the popular vote ranks me in the Top 5 out of 280 entries, but the Pit Boss (Maria Schneider) decides the grand prize winner - as she should. Take a peek - tons of talent, and a fabulous lesson on writing concise fiction. Most gratifying? Every one of my Nudger writing buddies ranks in the Top 40!

HARBINGER*33 sets sail! Quite an honor to be a member of this amazing crew. More later, but the journey promises excitement - and fun.

Of course, still plugging away at PURE, prepping my submission to the summer workshop at Lesley University. Waiting to hear on several poems and flashes out for submission. Fingers crossed.

The Reading... Thirty pages from Middlemarch's grand conclusion. What fun sharing the epic reading with my Filling In the Gaps 100 Project reading buddies. Also made more fun by finishing the last two books on my sleek and sexy Kindle Dx. Next up... The Corrections (Franzen) and the July Debut Indie Pick.

Read hard, write hard... live and love hard. The days and the people who fill them pass too quickly...

Peace, Linda


  1. I always feel klutzy saying things like this, but hold your father close and take comfort in the knowledge that he loves you and you he - and THAT cannot be taken from you. Ever.

    Congrats on the pub, to you and the rest. And good luck on the contest. No idea how I'm fairing. Can't worry about things I can't control.

  2. I liked the poem a lot.
    Sorry if I disturb you by asking this questions:
    Did your father die?
    Do you think that kind of celebrations are for idiots?

  3. Jon, thanks so much for the kind words. I am calm and focused on making his last months peacable. Thanks also for the writing well wishes - back at you! I haven't read yours yet, making my way through systematically...

    Mariana, thanks for dropping by. No, my father is still alive, though he is entering palliative care. I'm not sure I understand your lasy question.

    Peace, Linda

  4. I’m so sorry of the news. I’ll keep y’all in my prayers. May God’s love and strength carry you

  5. I'm sorry, Linda. Father's Day is like Mother's Day or Valentines'--a chore for the withs, and cruel and unusual for the withouts. All my good wishes.

  6. just dropping by to say I was thinking about you today. hope you're doing okay.

  7. Sad thoughts Linda. But at least you are brave enough to face them. Many duck their heads or plunge under the covers of denial and suddenly it is too late.

    So many good things going for you though. I'm glad your story is riding high in FF40 and the 33 anthology is an honor to be chosen for.

    All the best,


  8. Hey guys, thanks. I beleive the good thoughts and prayers sent to my father this past almost year is what's given him - and us - such good time together.

    John, I always apprach life head-on - you've only got one shot at it.

    The doctor called, there may be a clinical trial, fingers crossed... Peace, Linda