Friday, April 17, 2009

Dishing the Biz...

Another round of agents chit-chatting it up at P & W: Anna Stein, Jim Rutman, Maria Massie, and Peter Steinberg.

Fascinating. Confounding. Bad news/good news: the health of the industry sucks, and so do synopses.

Enjoy. I think...

BOOK REVIEW up over the weekend. April's book pick wasn't my intended, but it is a gorgeous, moving story about injustice and justice... been busy, busy, busy and the reading's suffered.

Peace, Linda


  1. I need to get over and read that agent foursome. The past ones have been very informative. I saw someone remark on the fact that they don't read synopses but that agents do pass them on to editors once they get a nibble. So they are not useless (I hope).

    Glad to see the next book review is forthcoming. Been checking in for it and scratching my head (I guess I should shampoo more). Figured you'd been busy. Hope you got lots of grant money.

  2. The roundtable was just as you described it. Maybe there is something to be said for getting the basics down, then pulling your head in and going full steam ahead, damn the torpedos. Writing is a subjective art form, though perhaps not so much as painting, sculpting and others. An artist can put up a blank white canvass and call it art. Good luck trying that as a writer.


  3. Heh-heh... there's a lot of stuff out there posing as art in lit mags and litzines that I consider questionable art. But... just mho. Peace, Linda