Sunday, August 24, 2008

Summer's sweet end...

The chirping of crickets fills the evening summer air with a bittersweet melancholy. Harvest time. Late August heralds a bounty of tomatoes, raspberries, seckel pears, and sweet Hosui and Honsako Asian pears. The squirrels absconded with our hazelnuts, and the rabbits devoured much of our thornless blackberry crop, but for the first time, our white flesh peach tree, a gift fgrom my sister's North Carolina garden five years ago, bore fruit. In less than six hours, this peach, along with it's brethren, became a pie, the epitome of summer lushness.

Tomorrow, my not-so-wee ones strap on their backpacks and step on the bus. Another school year begins for them, and for me as well; this past week I welcomed 7 new doctoral students. Tomorrow morning, I hit the lecture circuit with 3 courses. In addition to research and committees galore, not to mention the tenure and promotion stuff, let's just say this semster will be... challenging...


ON WRITING GROUPS... Robert Brewer, intrepid poet and editor of The Writer's Market for Poetry, is pitching an idea to his bosses at Writer's Digest: a book on writing groups. Good idea? Let him know at POETIC ASIDES and drop him your ideas. Or mention them here.

For myself, I find writing groups indispensible. I rely on one - THE NUDGE-NUDGE COLLECTIVE. I have waxed eloqent about the NNC before. These five fellow journeyers (John from the OBX is the newest fifth) have most definitely stretched me - and BRIGHTER THAN BRIGHT - in directions I'd never imagined. I've also been blessed with 'singular' writers who have served as my harshest, and thus kindest, critics: CHRYS from Orcas, Jimmy the Prince, and my local writing group.

Do you belong to a writing group? How does it help you - or not? What guidelines would you suggest in establshing such a group?

THE WRITING... This week I will send along the requested sections of the revised BRIGHTER THAN BRIGHT. Please, cross fingers for me. I've decided to spend the next 2 months finishing the tense revisions for the entire novel. Then, in November, when the infamous writing blitzkrieg commences, I'll be ready to plunge back into PURE.

Peace, Linda


  1. My fingers are crossed Linda, best of luck with the revision.
    Your post quite made my mouth water, especially the mention of pie.
    Waiting impatiently in the back ground to see which book you are going to offer up next.
    Take care, Gillian

  2. Oh! You're sending off your revisions! I'll be waiting for word, Linda. Wow.

    Happy new (academic) year. Hope you and the kids had an excellent, exciting start.

  3. Hey Gillian, I'll be posting my next book 'review' in a couple of days - after the revision gets shipped off. It's an interesting choice... and happy you're enjoying these snippets.

    Mags, not the whole tamale - just a snatch of the front end. Not like you, uberwriter! Nice to 'see' you! Peace, Linda

  4. Cross my fingers for you. -- JJ.

  5. wow, i envy your harvests!! how fantastic! and yes, thank goodness for our critique groups, they both push and encourage. where would we be without our writer friends? good luck in this new school year--to you and the bubs! sweet pea starts kindy next tuesday. ee!