Sunday, March 23, 2008


A walk through a forest warmed by the sun.

Sole. I like this Italian word, for isn't the sun a 'soul' of sorts, and the 'sole' thing we yearn for through winter's never-ending bleakness?

An excerpt from my four-stanza haiku Sole to celebrate the advent of Spring.

puny shoots of hope
valorous, thrust and strive through
frozen ash, clay, rock

My soul found some peace today... hope yours did as well. Linda


  1. Haikus, writing, spring. If ever there was a time for manic production...may peace wet your pen.

  2. "My soul found some peace today... hope yours did as well."

    sadly, no. up north, this is such a hard and restless time. it is still cold, and dreary, no bulbs are blooming and yet, winter is almost gone. I don't know, hopefully soon. something.

  3. For you Linda, the cowboys are up at Enjoy.

  4. Yee-haw!!!!! I'm on 'em, lil Sarah!Loves them men in chaps...

    Twiz, friend... Winter is endless in New England. I was usually looney-bin-ifiable now. I miss Massachusetts except for the Winter. Hang in there and keep looking for those croci and scilla...