Saturday, November 24, 2007

Another 6S Ditty...Love Song on the Inner Loop

Inspired by PURE, second novel currently under construction, and life... Peace, Linda


  1. congrats again! It must be exciting to finally begin on your next novel. I hope, too, the querying is going well on your first. crossing my fingers and sending good thoughts your way.

  2. What's the status of your first one?

  3. Kelley, thanks! I've been pecking away at PURE since last Fall when I (so naively) thought the first was done. It does feel good to be writing new stuff.

    Sarah, glad you ran over... beautiful pic of Arlington on your last post. First book is sitting on five agents'... desks? slush piles? in-boxes? out-boxes? trash cans? And have the next 20, plus small presses, lined up as the rejection slips pile in. Marketing has commenced... know any folks in the biz?
    Peace, Linda

  4. Go Linda! I LOVE this 6S, really, really, love it. I tried to comment on the 6S blog but for some odd reason, couldn't get it to work. Your exquisite style shows through brilliantly in this piece. I am very excited for PURE.

    AND for your marketing, woo hoo! I'm crossing my fingers for you, and I think your talent will make my finger-crossing irrelevant.

    : )

  5. hmmm, are you querying it as literary?

  6. Chrys - YOU'RE BACK!!! I hope everything went smashingly well at your reading at the Bowery in NYC. I'm gonna check out your blog- you better have some Chris Cornell pics posted.

    Thanks for the kudos - yes, others have said they were unable to leave comments on 6S - major bummer!

    Twiz, I'm querying BTB as a 'literary romance' though, I wonder, if it is almost YA (the college/professional school set). PURE will be more drama (still literary/mainstream - think Allegra Goodman's INTUITION, ratcheted up several notches (I'll be pretty brutal about the ethics and perverse incentives of academic science in this one, as well as wallow in my usual crazy, drugabuse stuff. And love, of couse, and all that entails... Why, got some ideas????

  7. maybe. hmm, I'll get back to you. :)