Saturday, November 08, 2014

Thanks, Barry!

A tremendous thanks to extraordinary editor (and writer) Barry Basden for publishing two of my very short fictions at Camroc Press Review. I am honored.

These are my two publications for 2014--I've been 'noveling' the entire year, working on Pure and my Master's thesis, The Minister's Wife. But these two shorts are among my favorite written--ever. I hope you enjoy them!

Thank you again, Barry, for sharing my words.

Peace, Linda


  1. Love to see your work out and about, Linda! Great to have you back in the 'publishing swing' and what better spot than Camroc!

  2. Congratulations. Powerful pieces both. My eyes are a tad misty at the first, and my brain whirling at the second. Both good things.

  3. After He Failed was very poignant in its short space. I admire that you're still refining the concise story, Linda.