Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thunderclaps and Tornados

THUNDERCLAP! 6 makes it's boisterous entrance this week. Editor Amanda Deo has assembled a fine entourage of writers -- Jules Archer, Stephen Hastings-King, Chelsea Biodolillo, Foster Trecost, Kat Dixon, Amber Sparks, Michael Dickes, Martha Williams -- and a host of others, including my short THE GOLDEN MOMENT.

A special thanks to Amanda and Robert Vaughan for featuring my work.

A truly special thanks to Amanda for offering all proceeds to Tornado Relief efforts to help areas in the United States hard hit by the recent spate of storms. As someone whose former homes of Raleigh, NC and Sturbridge, MA were hit, I am particularly grateful. Thunderclap! 6 is available in print and e-formats. Read, enjoy, and help a worthy cause all in one click. Peace...


  1. Congrats, Linda. A worthy cause. I'm off to read.

  2. Not to be repetitive, but congrats, Linda. Sounds like a terrific collection.

  3. Yeah! Just ordered mine. I remember this one from some time back...glad it has a worthy home.

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