Thursday, March 04, 2010

Good Housekeeping?

The steel no longer stainless,
the bowl tidy no more.
Spic and span my counter – not,
the dust mice a thundering herd.
But this page? Pristine,
despite hours of dirty words.

Words elude me. At least words specific to the BIG picture.

See that mountain over there? That tiny blip of a blot? There, on the ridge? That's me. Got my laptop, my spirals and notecards, pens and pencils. High-octane java, a bottle of Drambuie, some chili-infused dark choco. I'm hunkering down for a spell, a right long spell, and not climbing down until I bust past THE END on PURE. There's deadlines, you see.

When I do come down I hope I look like this.

I'm gonna be scarcer than usual.

Peace, Linda


  1. Idle hands are the devils..oh you've heard that one before. I had a friend come back from 2 weeks off. 600+ emails. deleted every one without reading. Nothing happened. Nothing. Try it.

  2. Rock on, Linda. See ya when I see ya.

  3. Drambuie eh? Have a good 'un.



  4. Good luck. I'll be anxiously awaiting your return and the debut of PURE.

  5. You go, Linda. I completely understand. I went through a spell, while working on my novel, where I didn't blog or waste time with e-mails. There is a time, and you've apparently reached it, when the writing has to come first. Press on and complete the race.

  6. Two things:

    One, is that your original poem? If so, awesome. If not, I still loved it. A

    Two, I NEED that picture!

    Good luck meeting your deadline.


  7. Wow!! Paige did not steer me wrong into venturing over to this chili infuded chocolate Drambuie den of fun!!

  8. Ohhhh, don't go! I hope you will at least still post FridayFlashes with snippets of PURE or BTB, or something. My week will be so sad w/o that to look forward to :)

    BTW, email comin' at ya (and sorry for the delay on that).

  9. Sending you lots of best wishes on meeting that deadline!

    That picture made me smile.


  10. Good for you!! I wait with expectation of wonderful things. This message--nicely written, btw. ;)

  11. What a way to go! Linda, I'm channelling pure writerly wishes your way. Write your way out, write up a storm and when you're done - well, please say hello and tell me where I can buy your book.
    Peace to you, Simon.

  12. Have a wonderfully productive time!

    Very clever way to tell us!

  13. Nice to meet you, Linda -- especially when this post is my introduction to you. I didn't read it first, mind you. First, I read your "About Me" blurb. Right away I thought, here's someone who describes herself like I think of myself. Then I read this post, and I thought, And, we're having a similar "moment!"

    I hope you get your creative flow back on, and I'll be working on getting mine back in full swing too. Best of luck to both of us!

    Looking forward to reading more from you!

  14. I wish you success on your mountainous sojourn. I should follow suit but I just usually end up climbing hills and sliding down on my a%& after a couple of days!

    See you 'round the nudging post!


  15. Cute post - you go where your heart and mind lead you. We'll be here when you return :-)

  16. A bit of "Buey" helps the deadlines go down.
    (You have coffee AND chocolate??? I'm THERE)

  17. Thanks for the support, guys. Down for a box of tissues -- head cold. And a blanket -- the mountain's cold.

    Nicole and Jannie -- thanks for dropping by! I'll be checking y'alls sites out tonight while watching Idol.

    JC, thanks on the poem -- yes, mine. The pic, not mine, but public domain -- copy away.

    Writing going... okay. Between cold and water main break in town going on day 5 (so guess what -- no school for the kiddos. Lovely.), stuff is sluggish.

    Peace, Linda