Saturday, February 13, 2010

An Interview -- Honest Scrap

The Prince got his revenge and interviewed me last week. It was fun being interviewed by royalty -- and as a journalist, he asks fun questions. You can read about our creative endeavors on his blog The Dark Side of the Soul. Thanks Jimmy - you're a gracious host and a kind soul.


Blogger friend ERIN KUHNS dubbed me with an Honest Scrap Award. Thank you Erin -- I am honored. Erin's a cool writer chickola living in Quebec -- aka Paradise. To claim the award, I have to share 10 ten things about myself. Erin's were funtabulous -- check 'em out. Here's mine:

1/ I am a pharmacist. Really.

2/ I once hid a boyfriend -- butt naked -- in my sister's college for 5 hours when my parents came home early from a vacation.

3/ My secret yen is to be a lounge singer.

4/ I spent most of my life trying to live up to my father's expectations. I'm glad I did -- I like the way I've turned out.

5/ There is nothing or no one I love more than my two children.

6/ It's difficult for me to walk away from 'success', but I'm getting better at it every day.

7/ Although I have only been writing since January 2, 2006, I've lived and learned more in the past 4 years than all the prior years combined.

8/ My mother is my hero.

9/ Sometimes, I feel too much.

10/ I believe in a greater power.

Before I sign off, I get to pay the Honest Scrap Award forward to three women who always speak the truth:

~The brilliant Poetess Melissa @ WINDSPIRIT GIRL
~The always vivid Photopoet Paige @ Paradise Valley 2
~Greta the word-weaver @ For Write or Wrong

Peace, Linda


  1. Oooh, I like your tidbits, especially #2 - THAT is an accomplishment!

    Off to read your interview...

  2. Why is it called the Honest Scrap award? I poked around and saw what the award requires you to do, but not what it means.

    Good interview. I like how the internet makes the world a very small place. Everyone is a neighbor.


  3. heh-he... #2 almost gave me a heart-attack!

    John, honest crap? Dunno, I have no idea why it's called what's called... just passing it along...

    Thanks on the interview. Everyone IS a neighbor on the internet. I like that.

    Peace, Linda

  4. You've only been writing since 2006 - my oh my you're doing well! In the interview the two of you talk about Ben almost like he's a 'real' person. I've had that experience before, even about characters ostensibly very different than myself. It almost makes one believe in magic or the channeling of spirits.

    Congrats on the award. I think it means that truth comes through in your fiction.

  5. Congrats, Linda!

    I would second Mark's interpretation of the award's meaning.

  6. I feel that I know you better from those 10 insights and I'm oft to read the interview once I've finished here.
    Take care, Gillian

  7. Wow, this is so neat! and exciting! and flattering! and truthfully just between us when I saw that over at Erin's I was all like what a neat award, lucky are the ones that receive it and now I feel so totally lucky

    Thank you

  8. Holy smokes! Thanks, Linda! I'll officially claim my award later.


  9. Thanks for the compliment, Mark. It means a lot coming from you. The Prince and I read two drafts of each other's drafts, and while I've always been very close to Ben, he became likewise. it's wonderful to 'feel' your characters.

    Paige and Greta, I am so pleased to pay the award forward to you two amazingly talented writers. Your writing touches on those quiet but important life moments that often flutter away; your words crystallize those times and save them for posterity.

    Gillian, so happy you came by and got to know me better ;^)

    peace, Linda

  10. Good interview. It's refreshing to see the life influences that a writer brings to the table.

  11. You so deserve this award. Your writing shines with heartfelt honesty (see-feeling too much sometimes pays off!). As for learning so much the past four years, writing--it is amazing what it reveals, isn't it? About EVERYTHING.

  12. p.s. I feel incredibly honored that you bestowed the award upon me. Thank you, from the heart.