Friday, September 11, 2009


Perfect day dawned in brilliant blue,
shocking canvas of contrast: planes
fly black against far-flung heaven.
Even unbelieving prayer
muttered with quiet resigned breaths
could not foretell or forestall stains

gouging ground, splintering sky, staining
steel, scuttled lives, exhaling blue,
imploding in hydraulic breaths
screaming through city, hill, and plain...

Blue sky trailed by white plane flumes
marking a heaven all pray exists;
God’s breath stained by metal and fire.

Peace, Linda


  1. I better stay off line today; I have such a hard time with those memories.

    beautiful tribute

  2. Whoa...powerful. "God’s breath stained by metal and fire" brings tears to the eyes. I'm speechless.

  3. I've been sad this day, for this event and others more personal. Thank you for reading. An excerpt from a sestina I've been struggling with... Peace, Linda

  4. This is such a worthy tribute to those who are remembered this day.

    Beautiful, Linda. That last line is amazing.

  5. Beautiful and painful. Thank you for this tribute, Linda.