Sunday, November 16, 2008

Live... from California


Paula Barinstein of The Writing Show interviewed me about all things writing: the genesis of BRIGHTER THAN BRIGHT, what it's like to write as a nineteen-year-old, bipolar boy, 'voice', the 'other' genre - poetry, why I write what I write about, and much, much more. Take a listen.

The interview was a fabulous experience. Paula asked fascinating questions that forced me to probe why I write, what BRIGHTER THAN BRIGHT means to me - and what I hope it offers my readers.

The Writing Show is 'on-line talk radio', offering up a near-daily dose of writers, editors, and others who in the writing and publishing biz who offer up meaty and inspirational insights. If you haven't explored this wonderful resource, do - you won't be disappointed.

THE WRITING... made it over the half-way hump of NaNoWriMo this morning. Yes, I am overwriting PURE; most of 27,000+ words I've penned thus far won't survive the light of a final draft. But that's okay; I'm writing around several scenes, using multiple POVs, to get the right 'mouthfeel' for the story, to figure out the 'proper' armature. PURE has so many moving parts - multiple voices and POVs and tenses, storylines that dance and weave through each other over a thirty year span. It's damn hard - which is why I love this story.

Writing at this pace is easy, even though my professional and personal life is perhaps the most intense it's ever been. NaNo is my personal release valve, my single indulgence. Other than going to HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL - 3 with my children this rainy Saturday. What a blast - think GREASE, only hipper (and when did Zac Efron grow up?)

THE READING... Just finished Anita Shreve's TESTIMONY. A must read for the story alone; a must study for her masterful rendering - multiple voices recounting a single, tragic event in a prep school that alters lives irrevocably. One character is completely written in second voice. Next up - TERMINAL NEGLECT by Michael Rushnak and I SEE YOU EVERYWHERE by Julia Glass.


My good friend Jimmy the Prince lost his father. Prayers. Our lives run in parallel...


Peace, Linda


  1. Oh I am so impressed! I've yet to be interviewed by anyone other than local newspapers for plays I've been in. Maybe one day I'll be up there with you!

    And YAY for your NaNo success! My muses have gone MIA, and now I'm thinking that you may have stolen them away...hmmmm...

  2. Awesome!
    so now you are a celebrity...
    and I can say I knew her when...
    high fives and a double thumbs up

  3. my condolences to Jimmy the Prince. such a sad loss.

    as to the podcast, *getting weepy*
    I'm just so happy for you.

  4. Thanks for popping by... yeah, I'm sad for Jimmy. Down with my dad now...

    The interview was fun. If it's as close as I get to writing 'fame, then, so be it... it was a wonderful experience... peace, Linda

  5. Congrats on the podcast!

    I listened to the whole thing. You did just a wonderful job articulating your writing habits and the depths and strengths of BTB.
    Yeah-I'm so glad you won the chapter contest. :)
    And --
    I was so happy to hear your voice!

    PS My sympathy to Jimmy.